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Cast: Gurdas Mann, Juhi chawla, Divya dutta, Gurkirtan, Sushant singh.

Plot :During the regime of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb musicians got persecuted, as he believed that music takes a man away from God.
Even after Aurangzeb's death, various rulers who succeeded him had a fixed mindset about music and they tried to supress itwith their own methods. In one such period came Waris Shah (Gurdas Mann), a disciple of Baba Makdoom, who popularlsed music. To fulfill the last wish of his Guru, Waris Shah reached a village to write the epic story of HEER RANJHA which was now his sole mission in life.

With his new film W ARIS SHAH Gurdas Mann goes one step ahead. Rarely before one could have come across such expensive film in Punjabi since film depicts the life and times of Waris Shah, it required a township of 18th century. And director and art director must ,be complimented for creating such a huge and realistic set of the village. You feel like watching a big budget
Hindi film. Right from the first scene the director is in command of the situation, and as the film progresses the drama becomes more and more interesting. Juhi Chawla looks as cute and beautiful as she looked in her prime. And since the film is about music, it had to be major highlight and it is so. The power of song' Allah Hu' and its picturisation moves you inside out.

Production values are excellent. Technically very good. Script could have been more tight. Dialogues are brilliant. Musically, a top class effort. Cinematography very competent. Choreography good. Editing crisp. Performancewise Gurdas Mann in the title role comes out with the best performance of his career. Juhi Chawla is perfect foil to Gurdas Mann. Divya Dutta is very good. Sushant Singh, Gurkirtan and Mukesh Rishi act very well. Directorially, Manoj punj once again proves that he is a director of top class. At box office, it will do well.
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