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Cast: Rahul Khanna, Jimmy Shergill, Sharman Joshi, Tanushree Dutta

Plot :The film holds your interest at crucial points. Even though the story bears a striking resemblance to films, 'Humraaz' and 'Fida', its making is different. The film gathers speed as the reels unfold. The director succeeds in presenting a suspense thriller in his own way. Thanks for his effort.Remo (Rahul Khanna) is the owner of a successful software company. His parents had died in a car crash when he was a child. Siddharth (Sharman Joshi) is his employee and probably, only friend. He is the exact opposite of Remo who is shy and asthmatic. Siddharth constantly tells Remo to socialize so that he can meet a few girls and fall in love with one of them. One day, Siddharth plays a track and sets Remo up for a blind date. Remo meets the girl named Sofie (Tanushree Dutta), a theatre actress, and falls in love with her. Everything is perfect until Remo and Sofie discover that her parents died in the same car crash in which Remo's parents had been killed.

Sofie realizes that Remo's parents were responsible for the death of her parents. Remo doesn't know how to deal with this tragic discovery. Siddharth persuades him to propose to Sofie. Remo proposes and after the initial hesitation, Sofie accepts. Remo and Sofie get married. Sunny (Jimmy Shergill) is a struggling actor who is in love with Sofie. But Sofie always desired a luxurious life which Sunny was unable to provide. Hence, she married Remo. When Sunny and Sofie meet again, the old love takes rebirth. Tired of having to meet secretly, Sunny and Sofie plan to kill Remo. They plan in such a way that no one would be suspected for Remo's death. The D-day arrives and Sunny comes to Remo's house to execute the plan. What happens hereafter is to be seen on the screen.

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