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Cast: Rekha, Madhuri Dixit, Manisha Koirala, Anil Kapoor

Plot :Unable to stand her U.S. based over-bearing and oppressive husband, Raghu, anymore, Neha Verma decides to leave him. She meets with a burglar when gate-crashing a marriage ceremony, and finds out that the bride, Maithili's, father is unable to pay the prospective groom's parents enough dowry, and suffer the humiliation of their taunts & threats to cancel the wedding, until Maithili herself refuses to marry; Then she meets with Janki, a theater actress, madly in love with her co-star, Manish. Janki gets pregnant, and hopes Manish will marry her soon, but Manish has other plans - Janki is left devastated by these sudden change of events; Then there is Lata, who is kept secluded in room by a much older male, Purshottam, who hopes to marry her someday, with or without her will, and in the meantime hopes to have an affair with Janki; Then Neha meets an independent businesswoman Ramdulaari, only to find out that Ramdulaari h! as male enemies in the shape and form of two brothers, Gajendra and Virender, who not leave any stone unturned to stop her business, as well as prevent her brother from marrying Gajendra's daughter, Sushma. Ramdulaari is brutally raped by the brothers, and the electricity cut off in her house and business. In the midst of this, Neha herself is threatened, and seeks protection with a bandit named Bulwa, with Gajendra and Virender chasing her down to collect the handsome reward offered by Raghu to bring back Neha to him, and back to more abuse at his hands.

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