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Cast: Aftab Shivdasani, Natassha,Dipannita Sharma,Himanshu Malik.
Plot :Rohan (Aftab Shivdasani) and Simran (Natassha) are best of friends. Like all close buddies, the two share jokes and fights. But they always make up.Now, Rohan has a crush on another girl named Preeti (Dipannita Sharma). And Simran gives him all the tips to woo Preeti. Her tips work and Rohan wins Preeti’s love.But Rohan and Simran’s friendship begins to pinch Preeti. She asks him to make a choice between love and friendship. Fortunately, Rohan is spared of making such a choice after Simran’s fiancé Vicky (Himanshu Mallik) arrives from the U.S.And then, tragedy strikes. Simran is raped. No one knows about the rapist except Simran and Rohan. And the two decide to keep it a secret.Things get worse after Simran gets pregnant. Vicky, her fiancé, is unwilling to accept her and accuses Rohan to be the father of her yet unborn child. To stop the wagging tongues, Rohan decides to marry Simran.Another turn in the story comes when Vicky has a change of heart and accepts Simran. Rohan is left hanging in the lurch.Then there is another twist and the denouement to the story.Koi Aap Sa offers nothing new in terms of story and its cinematic execution. The friendship and romance in the film’s first half is hackneyed, and to some extent, even puerile. The mel(low)drama in the second half fails to stir much emotion. The songs have good melodies but they are too frequent and oddly placed.The little respite that comes is from the actors Aftab Shivdasani and Natassha. Although Aftab is no star stuff, he does have a natural flair for light roles. He plays the easygoing Rohan with conviction and brings forth the serious sides of his character in the second half well enough.Natassha, too, gets to show her histrionics in several sequences in the movie. The girl has a vulnerable face and she is able to capture certain expressions with relative ease.Dipannita Sharma has an inconsequential role that is limited to the expressions of sulkiness and disgust. Himanshu Mallik gets more than necessary footage in the second half. He acts the same in all of his movies.Director Partho Mitra makes a forgettable debut with this movie. But for a few stray portions in the film, Koi Aap Sa is a boring, emotionally fluffy movie. It was intended to stir your emotions. But it only leaves you drowsy.
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