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Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Parveen Babi, Amjad Khan, Pran, Asha Parekh, K N Singh, Kader Khan, Anwar, Sajjan, Murad, Sudhir, Jagirdar, Ram Sethi, Brahmachari, Dev Kumar, Yunus Parvez, Heena Kausar, Raza Murad, Bob Christo, Khushboo, Ranjit Chowdhry, Dev Kishan, Jagdeep, Hiralal, Baby Geeta, Ravi Khanna, Anjan, Naseem, Chand, Romeo, Manohar, Mushtaq Khan, Pardesi, Anjan Srivastava, Nikki.
Plot :Kaalia - A name that spells terror in the minds of people, and the police but Kaalia was not always like this. Years ago he was a mere simpleton. Living simply in a shanty ch awl with his elder brother, Shyamlal, Bhabhi (Sister - in - law), whom he adored and their daughter Munni. Apart from them there is no one else in Kallu's little world until one day, an enemy in the guise of Shahani Seth appears. Shahani shatters the happiness in Kallu's life. That same day the young Kallu dies, and the dreaded Kaalia is born, Kaalia's main motive in life becomes wealth, and to destroy Shahani. This path of violence leads Kaalia to inspector Raghubir Singh's jail. Outside of jail, Shahani starts reclaiming his power, and inside jail, Kaalia clashes with Raghubir Singh.

Slacker Kallu's life gets turned around after his brother, Shamu, loses his arms & job in a work-related accident. Kallu goes to the employer, Shahani, and begs him for some money for medical treatment, but Shahani refuses to do so. In desperation, Kallu breaks-in Shahani's house, and is arrested and sentenced for 9 months in jail. In jail Kallu learns various skills from hardened convicts, and comes out as Kaalia, a person who has only one purpose in life - to get even with Shahani - by hook or by crook. And this time Kaalia is not alone, he has support from his convict friends, and other underworld elements. But Kaalia had not counted on the tenancity of Jailer Raghuveer Singh, who is determined to clip Kaalia's criminal wings, before he takes flight


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