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Cast: Sangeeta Bijlani, Jeetendra, Alok Nath, Amrish Puri, Satish Shah.
Plot :Hatimtai is one name in the world of generosity which will remain the world as along as the world exists.This sentence was uttered during the birth of Hatim by the great astrologer of Yamen to the emporer (Hatim father)and it happen so,right from Hatim childhood symptons of his being generous existed.As and how he grew young.Accordingly his generousity also grew young with him.

Every friday after morning namaz Hatim used to give alms to widows and beggers one fine morning as he was distributing alms to these begers,in the queue,he comes across princess mariam daughter of a very big trader Barzakh.Hatim was serprised when he asked princess mariam the reason.She replied that she was in love with a prince named Muneer,and that prince Muneer was also in love with her.But when they decided to get married her father(Barzakh)strictly opposed the proposal.When Hatim contacted BARZAKH he narrated him a mysterious story that one night he tried to dishouner a innocent fairy. But surprisingly when Barzakh touched the farry she gradually turned into a stone fairy crused Barzakh that his daughter mariam will remain unsuccssesful in her love if she marries,her husband will die on the very first night and she will also turn into a stone like her.Barzakh fell at fairy feet and asked for mercy fairy pitied him and put seven questions(mysterious)and said when these seven questions will be solved her real posture and that his daughter will also be able to marry her beloved.

Hatim asked Barzakh what those seven mysterious were?Barzakh replied that those mysterious were so complicated that no person in the whole world be able to solve it.

Hatim decided to solve these mysteries and said that he has full faith on allah who will help him and he immediately started to his voyage with his slave freind Nazrul.In solving the very first mystery Hatim was entangled between the magic world and the beauties.God helped him and he solved his first mystery and started his journey for the second one.By some means he also solved the second mystery But the third mystery was most deadly.The body where coming alive from the graves in a small graveyard.And Hatim comes out alive from the graveyard to solve the fourth mystery and likewise Hatim solves the sixth mystery But the seventh and last one? was so complicated that even Hatim god was put on test.Beacause the biggest magician of the world Kamlaq was facing Hatim.Kamlaq tied Hatim with his magic chain and said Hatim look I am the god of this world either you how at my feet or you call your god to help you out.

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